Teachers Unite creates tools to support school-site organizing & influence citywide change.

Since our formation, intergenerational teams of educators, students, and families have come together to dream up research, narrative, and curriculum development projects that advance the education justice movement. Together, school community members have worked on participatory action research, contributed to collective political education, and much more. Check out some of our foundational resources below.

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School-Site Organizing Toolkit:

The culmination of 100+ peer-to-peer conversations and interviews, Teachers Unite has synthesized advice and strategies from school community members who have worked together to change their school cultures.

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Visit the Organizing Toolkit

Growing Fairness:

The Growing Fairness project encompasses the Growing Fairness Documentary alongside the Growing Fairness Toolkit.

Visit the 'Growing Fairness' Toolkit

The Toolkit totals over 250 pages of original reflections, protocols, and lesson plans, written by teachers and students in schools across New York City that are working to create restorative and inclusive school communities.

Watch the 'Growing Fairness' Documentary

Growing Fairness is a short documentary by Teachers Unite that ties together the stories of school community members across the country who have worked to “grow” restorative justice practices in public schools.

Past Reports:

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