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This toolkit invites you to get involved in education justice organizing work.

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Teachers Unite dove deep into the stories of educators, students, and families who have worked together to win concrete changes at their schools. Over the course of several months, an intergenerational team of students, parents, and educators gathered tried and true strategies that school communities have used to become less punitive and more restorative:

  • Educators who created new staff positions dedicated to Restorative Justice;
  • Students who coordinated walkouts to remove metal detectors;
  • Parents who worked together to bring culturally responsive curriculum to their school;
  • And much more.

The tactics we gathered are now a toolkit that educators, students, and families will use to organize for and win new restorative staffing positions and practices.

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In monthly cohort meetings, we will come together to share and learn these tactics, develop and execute organizing strategies at our own schools, and get support from others doing the same.

Organizing and building power at the school level is crucial to transforming NYC public schools. By building a broad network of educators, students, and parents who are organizing at their schools, we will make school safer and more supportive for thousands of young people and build the conditions needed to win restorative, police-free schools citywide.

For questions, to share your organizing story, or to get involved, we invite you to reach out to us here.

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