We Organize Educators to Stand Against Racism & Oppression.

Build the power of workers, students, and parents in your school.

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Our Vision

We want a New York City where all teachers and students have democratic political representation.

Who We Are

Fighting for our communities. Fighting for our schools.

"Teachers Unite helps me to think through how to critically, responsibly, and sustainably play the roles of teacher, facilitator, theorist, and agent of political change."

Sarah Camiscoli|TU Member

“We want to help schools teach students how to relate to others even in times of fear, crisis or conflict, so that they are prepared to handle conflict and difficulty when they grow up”

Teachers Unite Member Handbook|2014

"My work with Teachers Unite keeps me motivated. Having a community dedicated to putting students first, challenging inequities in the systems, and fighting to change those systems, makes my everyday struggles a little easier."

Tim Metzger|TU Member


NYC public school educators and allies share challenges, successes, wisdom and strategies.

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We elevate the learned experiences of educators, students, and parents leading powerful transformations in school communities.

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Together, we will build movement of educator leaders working with parents and students to end racism and oppression.