Growing Fairness Toolkit

The Growing Fairness Toolkit, created alongside the Growing Fairness documentary, is over 250 pages of original reflections, protocols, lesson plans, and so much more, written by teachers and students in schools across New York City that are working to create restorative and inclusive school communities.

Organized by school, each resource includes relevant information for readers to best understand the climate in which the tools were developed.

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Each toolkit opens with an educator- or student-written “testimonial” – a case study that demonstrates how the practices described were implemented at a specific school. You can follow along with their journey and see how you might modify their approach for your own circumstances.

Toolkit Chapters:

Click through the below documents to tour the tools by school. Each file, or toolset, includes:

  • A snapshot of the school;
  • A reflection on their school’s successes and challenges; and
  • Actual protocols, lesson plans, or other tools.

Bronx Academy of Letters

– Restorative Approaches Menu
– Community Building Project
– Circle Conference
– Group Assist
– Circle Workshop

Expeditionary Learning School

– Restorative Justice Manual
– Circles Process
– Pre Conference Scripts
– Initiative Planning Sheet
– Peer Mentor Reflection Sheets
– Debriefing Info Sheet

Institute for Health Professions

– Fairness Committee Welcome Letter
– Fairness Committee Nomination Form
– Fairness Committee Request Form
– Advisory Curriculum Map
– Advisory Discussion Prompts

Lyons Community School

– Principal’s Letter
– Justice Panel Training Guide
– Circle Topics

Academy for Discovery

– Restorative Practices Handbook

Sunset Park High School

– Restorative Justice Training for Staff
– Teacher and Dean Collaboration Meeting
– RJ Learning Community Meeting
– Fairness Committee Student Application
– Facilitator Training Course

Crotona International High School

– Fairness Protocol
– Fairness Committee Request Form
– Circle Opening/Closing Ceremony

East Side Community High School

– Mediation Practice
– Town Hall Meetings

Fannie Lou Hamer

– Restorative Justice Rollout
– General Guidelines for a Circle
– Circle Topic Ideas

Flushing International High School

– Circle Log
– Circle Follow-up
– Fairness Committee Log
– Fairness Committee Follow-up
– Out of Class Reflection Time
– Mediation Protocol

Hudson High School

– Fairness Structure
– Justice Circle Facilitator’s Role
– Restorative Questions
– Justice Committee Request Form
– Fairness Role Play

The James Baldwin School

– Tiers of Restorative Justice
– Restorative Justice Implementation Goals
– Introduction to Using Circles
– Academic Circle Lesson Plan
– Core Value Reflection Sheet
– Community Re-Entry Conference 101
– Fairness Committee Lesson Plan
– Restorative Justice Assessment

Lehman High School

– Student Leadership Council
– Restorative Circles Training for Teachers
– Restorative Circles for Students

Validus Prep

– Fairness Protocols
– Fairness Committee Flowchart
– Ladder of Consequences
– Fairness Petition Form
– Ticket to Fairness Template
– Academic Intervention Circle
– School Culture Professional Development

Vanguard High School

– Fairness Structure
– Fairness Committee Lesson Plans

Pablo Neruda Academy

– Professional Development Workshop
– Student Voice Advisory Group Workshop
– Fairness Committee Proposal
– Role Plays for Fairness Committee
– Parental Consent Form

Voyages Preparatory

– Basic Circle Meetings
– “Variation: The Group Assist”

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