On Our Terms

Participatory Action Research (PAR)

Communities nationally are calling for a shift away from zero-tolerance discipline and towards Restorative Justice as a way to disrupt the school to prison pipeline.

Teachers Unite, The Public Science Project at CUNY, and the Restorative Justice Initiative are building a collective of student, teacher, and parent researchers to move the conversation about Restorative Justice beyond the goal of decreased suspensions and increased trainings.

PAR is based on the beliefs that we are all experts on our own lives and we should have a say in guiding the research and policy that directly impacts us.


PHASE 1: Project Planning (Complete)

Our PARticipants want to make a meaningful place at the “policy table” for students, teachers, and families, while providing educators, advocates, and policymakers with tools for rethinking our school safety goals, who is included, and how we get there.

PHASe 2: Summer Institute (Complete)

Over the six days of our institute, we drafted, revised, and tested over 200 interview questions about restorative/transformative justice, safety, accountability, discipline, and intersectionality.

Our 30+ researchers unpacked the history of criminalization in schools and the legacies of communities rising up against it. Mainly young people, along with educators, and parents also engaged with guest speakers who do Restorative Justice work in prisons and shelters for women fleeing intimate partner violence.

We built an incredible community and can’t wait to dive in to data collection, analysis, and sharing our findings!

Join our community

Together, we will build movement of educator leaders working with parents and students to end racism and oppression.