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The Growing Fairness Toolkit is over 250 (and growing!) pages of original reflections, protocols, lesson plans, and so much more, written by teachers and students in schools across the city that are working to create restorative and inclusive school communities. The Toolkit is a resource created alongside the Growing Fairness documentary. Organized by school, it includes relevant information for readers to best understand the climate in which the tools were developed.

The Growing Fairness Toolkit is a testament to our belief that one important way to resist the School to Prison Pipeline is to work to implement alternative justice processes within schools.

A note about how the toolkit works

Each pdf file, or toolset, is organized by school and has been authored by educators and/or students who have been growing restorative justice practices in that school. For the most part, each file includes:

  • a reflection of how their efforts succeeded and what challenges they met
  • actual protocols, lesson plans, or other tools that were developed
  • a snapshot of the school (its Title I status, its size, its philosophy, etc.)

Toolsets are also tagged by relevant categories such as:

  • advisory – includes a reflection and/or lesson plan for advisory or homeroom setting
  • professional development – includes agendas or materials used in having discussions with staff about restorative justice
  • student leadership – includes reflection about, or tools for building student leadership into restorative culture

and so much more!