5th Annual Full Court Press Against #SchoolPushout!

Manny Cantor Center | 197 East Broadway|Dec 15, 2018, 1pm



Come through and cheer on our teams! There will be raffle prizes and all kinds of fun to be had. Share the link to our fundraising campaign with your loved ones and colleagues and tell them why you gave!

Every cent donated will directly fund school organizing projects, designed by our members and their students, that build positive communities and transform school culture.

Get a holiday gift!

Seriously? Seriously.

Check out our online auction and make a bid on a seriously dope item. Winning bids will be announced on December 15th. Your bid, winning or losing, will help us get to our $25K goal!

How will my donation help?

$30 buys a week worth of snacks for graduating peer mediators and their mentees during after-school trainings.

$55 will provide MetroCards to 10 students from the Bronx to a citywide meet-up of young people leading Restorative Justice practices in schools.

$200 supports a student from a Teachers Unite school team to attend a three-day advanced Transformative Justice training

$1,000 supports students to publish a toolkit on Teachers Unite’s website that helps others to replicate their organizing project.


Join us!