2022 Toolkit Team

Teachers Unite is seeking NYC public school educators, students, and parents to be a part of our Toolkit Team!

Want to know how to win restorative staffing positions at your school? Or how to get money for restorative justice? So do we. Let’s make it happen.

Over May and June, we’ll be diving deep into the stories of educators, students, and families who have worked together to win concrete changes at their schools. With your help, we’ll gather tried and true strategies that school communities have used to become less punitive and more restorative, such as developing new staff lines dedicated to restorative justice, creating practices to support students exercise their right to refuse scanning, and more. We’ll do this by interviewing our peers and researching policies.

The tactics we gather during this 6-week project will become a toolkit that educators, students, and families will use to organize for and win new restorative staffing positions and practices in the new school year. This will be the first toolkit of its kind.

Interested in interviewing school community members? Love synthesizing policy documents? Find joy in transcribing or copyediting? Join our team!

Stipends will be given to young people and parents to compensate for their time and work over this 6-week project.

From May 19 – June 23, the Toolkit Team will meet up for our weekly calls each Thursday from 4-5pm. We’ll use this time to coordinate our research and share what we’re learning.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions or you have an organizing story from your school that you want to share with our team.

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